"Byun Bin Goo...I love you." - Drunk!Ko Seung Ji (Panda and Hedgehog ep 12)
First things first, a little rant, the fact episode 12 is taking so darn long to upload and sub makes me wish I learned Korean. Four days, and still no sign of subs. They put out episode 11 early, but not twelve. OTL The next two episodes are coming out soon and if they come out around the same time, subbed, along with episode 12, I might just skip it seeing as I sort of know the jist to the episode. :/

In any case, so much bromance! I ship the Hedgehog with the Panda but I'm gonna be shipping another couple soon. OTL I like where the drama is turning, and after watching a small recap on episode 12 RAW, I'm certain that Seungji is Won Il's brother. >:U

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